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What is eco therapy ?


“Water purifies and regenerates because it nullifies the past, and restores-even if only for a moment-the integrity of the dawn of things” MIRCEA ELIADE


Water performs most of our crucial physiological functions.


Water regulates our body temperature, builds cells,aids our metabolism, digests food,lubricates joints, carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells and flushes out toxins.


The earliest life forms began in water.


Drink water - increasing your water consumption by 1% can lower your daily caloric intake as well as consumption of fat,sugar,salt and cholesterol.


Avoid water in plastic bottles.


Aside from staying hydrated, water is so much more to us than that - just being near a body of water has proven health benefits - reducing stress and helping us feel restored.


Get your feet wet! Dipping your feet in a body of water will energise you and make you feel refreshed - likewise placing your feet in a foot bath can not only ease muscles and joints but ease your mind also.


Soaking your feet in water for 10 minutes can increase nerve activity.


Try walking in water - working against the waters resistance is a great form of exercise especially for people with arthritis and limited abilities for whom swimming laps is not possible.


Pilgrims trek to bodies of water around the globe to heal the spirit- we can use a bath to do the same.


A swim in icy water is known to ease persistent pain after surgery almost as well as any analgesics or physiotherapy.


Cold water dipping is also great at helping to ease nerve pain.


Did you know a hot bath lowers blood sugar after eating? A hot bath also seems to lower chronic inflammation, the body's response to infection, wounds and diabetes.


Contrast bathing is a technique used when alternating hot and cold baths to reap the benefits of each.


Alternating hot and cold may also increase lymphatic flow and even improve the function of the immune system.


The sound of rushing water is said to be relaxing for some because it replicates the sound we hear when inside the womb.

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