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The Benefits Of Camping...

It's well known that there are many benefits to getting out in the great outdoors to camp - but do you ever consider your health as one of them?


Camping can help your mood, your brain, your metabolism and your sleep patterns - so grab that tent and get yourself on an adventure - if stress relief is what you need there is no better way than surrounding yourself in green space.

Camping is one of the least expensive ways of taking a holiday and has some of the best benefits you can get on a break away from home.


Did you know camping is one of the best treatments when you have been exposed to toxins - like cities filled with fumes, heavy cleaning products and such like?


Camping allows you to get large doses of clean fresh air over a prolonged period - and actively cleans out and dilutes toxins in our systems.


Being out observing nature can foster interconnection and make our problems feel smaller.


There is research to show that camping for three days and 2 nights in a wooded area will improve the function of the immune system for up to 7 days after!


Whilst camping you will naturally be exposed to more sunlight than you would if you were off in a hotel somewhere - you are more likely to be cooking your brekkie outside for example so therefore will naturally be exposed to vitamin D far more and vitamin D is essential for our bone health as well as many other aspects of our physical health.


There is so much research to show that waking up with natural light is a huge factor when it comes to resetting our body clocks and circadian rhythms. Getting enough quality sleep or lack of can have huge health consequences - so when camping you will naturally wake up with the light, which is inevitable with camping and all part of the fun - waking to the sound of the birds chirping at dawn is bliss - opening your tent zip to that fresh morning light you cant beat it!


Unplugging and getting away from screen and technology is so needed in the world today - what better way to do this than to go camping and get off grid for a few days - its so common to see families out at restaurants on holiday etc still connected to their phones - you don't tend to see that with campers as they sit around a fire to enjoy a delicious meal together out in the wonders of nature.

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