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What is eco therapy ?


“ Plants are solar powered air purifiers whose filters never need replacing” KHANG KIJARRO NGUYEN

Plant therapy/ gardening has been known to be the ultimate stress reliever since the beginning of time - a sanctuary for healing body,mind and soul.


Monastery gardens used to be used as a place to treat melancholy.


Recent years has seen gardening as an effective treatment for disorders of the mind such as autism, depression, ptsd and also the body - including coordination problems and rehabilitation after surgery.


People who garden regularly have upto a 47% lower risk of dementia than non gardeners.


People experiencing depression, mood swings and bipolar disorder who spend 6 hours a week tending flowers showed large improvements within 3 months with re wiring actually occurring after the 3 months still showing continued improvements.


Green spaces and tending to plants provides children with opportunities for discovery, problem solving and learning, having a positive impact on their brain development.


Open space meadows of wild flowers sees the brain respond positively to this sight.


So much healing can be found in plants - food and medicine comes from plants!!


Get foraging - its free and so rewarding - Berries, elderberries, raspberries all carry an biochemical reward called allergic acid which creates a filter that reduces the mutagenicity of toxins entering our cells.

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