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Our Ethos

At Rainbow Retreat we have chosen to be Eco conscious - That's from being Eco-friendly in the way we run our campsite as well as providing the opportunity to immerse yourself in all of the Eco-therapy that nature has to offer you @ our setting, which is why we feel we are the perfect fit with the greener camping club as our values on being Eco friendly align. ( see more about them below )

       Our site has compost toilets, off grid showers, Eco cleaning and showering products and clearly marked recycling areas...


We truly believe our woods are the perfect place to safely camp whilst getting the most from nature - without taking from it... in fact, stay with us and you are giving back to nature as we plant a tree for every booking made.

Camping within our beautiful forest is the perfect place to restore your senses whilst being kind to nature in our off grid Eco friendly campsite. Either pitch up and sit back, relax and enjoy the surroundings or get stuck in with all the Eco therapy activities we have to offer here.

We are Sammie and Luke - And this is our campsite.... We believe we have the perfect place for people to rest and recoup, relax and re-energise or refresh and re-discover.....​

We have lived on the land here since 2017 and after obtaining planning permission for our home here it was always our dream and intention that we wanted to share this space with others, so with planning for our home approved ( it took a long time and alot of energy ) we set our sites on how we could share our land and surroundings with others in a way that would not only protect the environment, but provide us with an opportunity to enhance it.

We realised opening up the woodlands to guests to enable them to really immerse themselves in a woodland camping experience - would also provide us with the scope to incorporate all the wonderful ideas we have been dreaming about sharing with others during our time here.....

So Rainbow Retreat was born.......

It is a family run site - and we have so many plans to incorporate more and more natural features year by year........

We look forward to meeting you -

and we hope you enjoy your stay with us.

In the meantime - keep upto date with our journey via our blog and social media  ( links coming soon )

Our Story


The Greener Camping Club

Due to our stunning surroundings here in Devon - And our tranquil picturesque woodlands there was not a better choice of camping clubs to represent us - as the Greener Camping Club match our fundamental beliefs on how a campsite should be run - and we are proud to work with them.

Here is an exert from their website....

"Our campsites are carefully vetted - and those that make it through our application process, share a common theme of high quality, environment-friendly camping, in truly beautiful settings."

Furthermore - they assist in replanting - which is amazing !

"Our ’Trees for Life’ scheme, whereby a tree is planted for every member enrollment. To date we have planted over 47,000 trees - almost 15,000 trees were planted by our campsites in 2022 and we expect to plant at least as many again in 2023. In this small way, our hope is that the trees go some way to off-setting some of the inevitable environmental impact of even the greenest of holidays."

We do require you to be a member of the Greener Camping Club to stay with us - 

This is just £12 for a year and has the added benefit of giving you access to over 150 of the nicest, quietest, most civilised Eco-friendly campsites in England and Wales. Campsites that make provision for wildlife habitats, flora and fauna. Self imposed limits on numbers of visitors on site at anyone time.

Click HERE to visit their site and find out more.....

And if that's not enough reasons to come and camp with us - check out the page below !

"The benefits of camping"

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