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What is eco therapy ?


“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order” JOHN BURROUGHS 1837-1921


The eye actively seeks the colour green - green can heal us.


Step away from the screen and seek out green - our brains are directly affected by what we see.

The more the nerve cells are stimulated by motion, colour and a variety of depths of perspective, the more opiating the release of endorphins becomes.


Reds and oranges help us think better.


Blue makes us dreamier and relaxed, blue evokes a positive emotional response, related to dopamine, the feel good hormone.


We should make sure we are exposed to nature's full colour spectrum every day for optimum wellness.


Did you know that even looking at flowers has benefits - looking at roses increases a state of relaxation!


Show appreciation for interconnected patterns within nature - look at leaf patterns and appreciate the geometry and start to feel a sense of tranquillity and peace wash over you.


Looking at appealing pieces of art will lower your stress levels.


Smells - different shells affect our thinking - it is well known that essential oils have a positive effect on us and different scents ignite different feeling , lavender makes us feel relaxed , lemon makes us feel fresh and energetic, rose makes us feel nurtured.


Rose essential oil has been used to treat depression.


The smell of pine has an immune boosting beneficial effect.


Sounds can have either a positive effect or negative effect on us depending on the vibration the brain receives.


Sounds from nature have a relaxing effect on our minds and body.


Be mindful in nature , listen to the sound of the ocean, the rustle of the leaves, birdsong - see how you feel.


Sound has such an effect on us that we should monitor what we listen to the same way we think consciously about what we are looking at and what food we put in our bodies.


Silence is also important - silence can be healing - sometimes seeking out silence can be a challenge, so take it when you can and enjoy it.

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